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“Phenomenal work done by TCT Wraps timely and meticulous!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

-Andy R.

"Great service, even greater work. Thanks TCT Wraps!"

-Allen S. 

"Took my new car to TCT Wraps a few day's back and they did an exceptional job! Fast, convenient, and friendly. Highly recommended!"

-Phillip K.

"Usually I don't put any aftermarket products on my cars, but when I saw the quality of TCT Wraps, not only did I change my mind, but now I am wondering why I never did this in the first palce. Better than factory."

-Kevin S. 

"Tony at TCT Wraps is a perfectionist. I knew the matte black wrap on my Nissan 370z would turn out GREAT!

-Sahand S. 

“I found TCT Wraps on facebook and decided to go with overlays on my 2008 Subaru STI tail lights and fog lights. I am real happy with the work done on my STI. Thanks TCT Wraps!

-Romar M.

"TCT has taken on multiple projects for me including wrapping my tail lights and making custom decals for me on the spot. I would recommend them to anyone looking for vinyl work!"

-James B.

“My rear trunk lid lights on my 1998 Lexus GS 300 were fading to a pinkish color. Very unattractive at night. Dealer charges $200 to replace these lights. I found TCT Wraps, the only shop I locate in Oregon who does excellent work with overlays! They installed overlays on my tail lights for a fraction of the price and it looks brand new again! 

-Ed U.

"Having had tint work done on previous vehicles when I saw the quality work TCT Wraps did for the dealership where I purchased my new F150 I inquired about who the dealership was using. They pointed me in Tony's direction and he promptly attended to all my needs. It was easy to trust them with my new baby. They applied top of the line materials and went above and beyond with their attention to detail. I went with clear rock protection, a subtle carbon fiber hood accent, and window plus taillight tinting. They went the extra mile and even put rock protection on my head lights and fog lights, in fact when I washed my truck the other day I even noticed a tiny strip they applied to the leading edge of my rear bumper that is indeed susceptible to rock damage. The results were flawless and their design instinct definitely helped me achieve the uniqueness I was looking to add to my truck. Needless to say they have now done a full window tint on my sedan as well as two of my friends. While I may live closer to other shops I will continue to use TCT Wraps who uses only the best materials and installers who are conscientious about what they do. Thanks Guys!"


-Jake H., Beaverton.

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