Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap


3-piece center console wrap for Tesla Model 3 in several different colors/finishes.

  • Return Policy

    There is a NO-RETURN policy if the wrap has been removed from its backing paper. We will only accept returns if we receive it within 14-days of delivery and has NOT been removed or attempted to install. They need to be in resellable condition.

  • Installation

    - Clean surface with a microfiber towel and 70% rubbing alcohal. Be sure it is completly dry before applying the wrap as the material will NOT adhere if the surface is wet. This isa. dry install only.


    - Remove the backing paper off one of the pieces and line up the wrap to the console and set it on the surface.


    - Squeegee out the air bubbles from the center outward.


    - Once all the flat sections are adhered, remove the transfer tape slowly and use light heat with a heat gun to soften the material that over hangs on areas that need to be wrapped around. If there is a crease or bubble, pull the material up to that area, heat it up lightly and the wrinkle will dissipate, then reapply that section.


    - If a piece was not lined up correctly, it is common to have to use a sharp xacto knife to trim off the excess material around some of the edges/around cupholders.

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