What is a Paint Sealant?

Jet Seal is a durable paint protection sealant designed to shield your vehicle's exterior from the harshest elements. Developed exclusively for the aerospace industry, Jet Seal is engineered using advanced Nano-Tech polymers that provide the ultimate level of protection. Revolutionary super polymers create a smooth finish with a brilliant shine. Jet Seal is formulated using innovative UV protection technology that protects your paintwork against fading and discoloration. Jet Seal bonds to the surface creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays. The ability to chemically bond to paintwork allows Jet Seal to produce fantastic results and a mirror shine. Jet Seal provides durable protection to paintwork, glass, chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass surfaces. The secret to the durable protection of Jet Seal is Nano-Tech polymers that creat a shield for the ultimate level of shine and protection.



- Protects against the harshest elements

- High gloss shine

- 12 month's of protection (additional application pricing available)

- Nano-Tech polymers

- Repels water, oil, dust, and road grime

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